Global Entrepreneurs Pathway

Unlocking American Markets

Course Summary

Welcome to the Global Entrepreneurs Pathway: Unlocking American Markets (GEP-UAM), a pioneering program meticulously designed for zealous entrepreneurs and business aficionados. This avant-garde initiative invites high school students, who exemplify a knack for entrepreneurship, and adult professionals, endeavoring to burgeon their businesses from various international terrains to the dynamic American market. Through a cohort-based model, GEP-UAM offers an intimate, collaborative learning experience, where participants in groups of 10-15 navigate through a rich curriculum tailored to equip them with the comprehensive skill set required to flourish in diverse industries across the United States.

Patience Rose

Architect | Educator | Innovator

Patience Rose is a proven Global CEO and Educator with extensive experience in educational support services, instructional design, and business development. As a Strategic Navigator, she has turned research and analytics into a strategic approach to guide clients along their clearest path of purpose. Through her proven and perfected process, she can and will help you:

Get measurable results,
Create predictable recurring revenue
Build legacy
Reclaim your time and freedom

As a Master in Business Administration, she uses proven methods to help you escalate the value of your project no matter what your end game is with scalable plans, actionable steps, and repeatable processes.

Having done this for more than 250 creatives by transforming their concepts into profitable ventures with sustainable revenues, she is now serving the Kingdom Community at large.

Learn more about me: Learn more about my initiatives: Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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