Structuring Success

Exploring and Implementing Business Entities

Course Summary

“Structuring Success” invites students into the intricate world of business entities, guiding them through the labyrinth of commercial activities and company structures. This seminar and project-based course offer a pragmatic, deep-dive into creating, operating, and evolving various business entities, from sole proprietorships to complex trusts. Through a blend of seminar discussions, case studies, and a capstone project, students will apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, ensuring they comprehend each business structure's implications, advantages, and challenges in real-world contexts.

Course Curriculum

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Diane Do


...It was like going to a personalized business school! Every meeting we had was filled with pages and pages of notes because what this power team brings is immense. Patience helped secure my family legacy as well as develop business strategies that are scalable, sustainable, and systematic!! I still have much to learn and hope to work with them for life!

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