Family Trust Basics

Family Trust Basics is a meticulously designed course aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of Irrevocable Family Trusts within the broader context of estate planning. This course is ideal for individuals seeking to gain essential knowledge and skills in managing and safeguarding family assets for future generations. It is tailored for those who wish to navigate the complexities of estate planning with a specific focus on the intricacies of Irrevocable Family Trusts.

Course Objectives:

To demystify the concept of Irrevocable Family Trusts and their role in estate planning.

To explore the benefits, limitations, and key considerations of establishing an Irrevocable Family Trust.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the estate planning process, emphasizing the integration of Irrevocable Family Trusts.

To empower participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding asset management and legacy planning. 

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  • TUE
    30 APR
  • 12:00 PM

30 April 2024 Tuesday, 12:00 PM PDT

Key Topics

Introduction to Estate Planning: Fundamentals of estate planning, its significance, and essential terminologies.

Understanding Irrevocable Family Trusts: Detailed exploration of the nature, structure, and function of Irrevocable Family Trusts. Benefits of Irrevocable

Family Trusts: A deep dive into the advantages, including asset protection, tax benefits, and the safeguarding of assets for future generations.

Key Considerations and Limitations: Discussing the potential challenges and important factors to consider when setting up an Irrevocable Family Trust.

Steps in Estate Planning Involving Trusts: Outlining the process of estate planning, focusing on the integration of Irrevocable Family Trusts.

Roles and Responsibilities in a Trust: Understanding the roles of the grantor, trustee, and beneficiaries in an Irrevocable Family Trust.

Asset Management within a Trust: Strategies for managing and preserving assets within a trust framework.

Legal and Tax Implications: Overview of the legal and tax aspects associated with establishing and maintaining an Irrevocable Family Trust.

Course Format: Family Trust Basics combines expert instruction with practical workshops, case study analysis, and comprehensive resource materials, ensuring a holistic and engaging learning experience.