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BizNav Orientation Session

Patience Rose

Architect | Educator | Innovator

I am the architect of products, processes, and programs. I frame what it is, why it matters, & how it can be sustained. Having taught preschool, primary education, secondary education, and college, I am a 36 year veteran in the field of education. I now serve in the following educational roles: Certified Business Advisor and Coach, Instructional Designer, and Mentor Teacher.

Additionally, I am the CEO of a Multi-National Nonprofit Organization that provides Educational Support Services, Professional, Personal, and Business Development, the overseer of an international alliance of ministers, administrative pastor of a local church in Southern California, and Chancellor of a trans-national ministry institute. As a result of my proven and perfected processes, more than 250 businesses, products, and services have come to market sustainably since 2017.

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