RED Member Excellerator 2.0 Mental Growth

Harnessing the Chatter in Our Minds for Good

Course Summary

In RED's Team Success Basics program, the psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Ethan Kross says there is a darker side to introspection. The founder of the Emotion and Self Control Laboratory at University of Michigan calls this negative thought spiral “chatter.” In his book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It, Kross explores how introspection can harm us. Engaging with our inner thoughts in times of distress can interfere with decision-making, undermine our performance, and negatively impact relationships. Happily, with research-based tools, we can break free from harmful negative cycles. In this course, you’ll learn to lower the volume on the tyrannical inner critic and harness the true power of your inner voice.

Course Curriculum

Patience Rose

Architect | Educator | Innovator

I am the architect of products, processes, and programs. I frame what it is, why it matters, & how it can be sustained. Having taught preschool, primary education, secondary education, and college, I am a 36 year veteran in the field of education. I now serve in the following educational roles: Certified Business Advisor and Coach, Instructional Designer, and Mentor Teacher.

Additionally, I am the CEO of a Multi-National Nonprofit Organization that provides Educational Support Services, Professional, Personal, and Business Development, the overseer of an international alliance of ministers, administrative pastor of a local church in Southern California, and Chancellor of a trans-national ministry institute. As a result of my proven and perfected processes, more than 250 businesses, products, and services have come to market sustainably since 2017.

Learn more about me: Learn more about my initiatives: Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Jason Spangler

Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Speaker, Coach

"Patience has transformed my life goals and set forth a movement that will change my life for the better! I am now writing two books and will soon be launching a coaching program and a public speaking business! She is the real deal! Very much worth your time and if you have goals to reach and are at a stalling point, you need someone to get you over the wall! She is the driving force.

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